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Some people can preach about leadership theory very effectively, but they have never actually led people or were a train-wreck when they tried. Others are actually great leaders but not necessarily talented or willing public speakers. A very few individuals can do both. They can communicate, inspire and lead others to do great things and can quite effectively teach and coach others to be better leaders.

In this era of 24-hour live news coverage; a social media driven culture; increasing oversight and demands for corporate transparency and accountability; a global economic crisis; rising labour and technology costs and shrinking budgets; increasing bargaining group pressure; a new generation of potential employees; and more, NO organization, company or agency can survive without strong leadership from top to bottom. Even in the best of times, it takes people to bring everything together into an effective, sufficient and sustainable package that will deliver goods and services consistently, professionally and with a strong customer-oriented focus. When all else fails, it is people that will make or break any organization and it takes leadership to keep that team focused, engaged, healthy and strong.

Lighthouse Leadership Services Inc. can greatly assist by providing proven consultative and presentation services to the private, not-for-profit, public and policing sectors, on a variety of executive leadership and supervisory issues.

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